Coral and Camel

Coral ShotHave you always dreamt of diving at remote dive sites, with pristine corals? Or of visiting virtually unexplored virgin reefs? Would you like to escape the crowds and the noise? Then combine diving with an incomparable desert experience.
Sub Sinai’s Coral & Camel program is the perfect choice for you.
This three day safari is unique to Sub Sinai and will be a one-of-a-kind adventure for you. You can leave Dahab behind on the back of a camel, doing two dives a day, away from the usual dive sites and enjoying not only the stunning Sinai landscape but also the silent desert nights under the stars.

On the first day you will be taken to the southernmost point of Dahab to meet your camels and Bedouin guides. Once all the equipment and dive gear has been loaded onto the camels your adventure can begin. The ride takes you along the picturesque  coastline of South Sinai, where the mountains meet the sky and the sea. At the same time you can enjoy the stunning views of Saudi Arabia across the Gulf of Aqaba .
coral CamelAfter about one hour, you will reach the first dive site and the base camp will be set up before your dive guide takes you for your first dive in this spectacular environment. In the meantime, the Bedouin will be preparing a delicious lunch for you, which you will enjoy during your surface interval.
The second dive of the day will be as awe-inspiring as the first! After you have completed this dive, it will be time to relax, to discuss the variety of marine life you have spotted during the day and enjoy the view, whilst waiting for dinner to be served around the campfire.

Coming up next is your unforgettable first night under the starry sky, in the stillness of the desert.

DiversOn the second day you will leave the base camp after breakfast, either walking or riding your camel. Another two very special dives are waiting for you, the first in a beautiful coral garden.
After your lunch break – lunch will be prepared on site – you will dive along a beautiful reef wall. You will have plenty of topics to discuss on your way back to the base camp and the fish identification book will probably be much in demand, as you log another fantastic dive. Back at the camp there will be time to rest and relax while you wait for another mouth-watering Bedouin dinner.
Depending on the time of year, you may well see shooting stars and you will always be lulled to sleep only by the sound of the waves.

camelsAfter breakfast on the third day, you will leave the camp again for the day and we will take you to two magnificent dive sites. During the last surface interval of this diving and desert adventure, you will probably find yourself wishing that the trip would last for a few more days.
After the second dive of the day and the sixth of the Coral & Camel Program, you will pack up the equipment and dive gear again, getting ready for your return to Dahab.
Before sunset you will be back in Dahab, but the memory of the last three days will remain for a lifetime.

Also on request: Coral & Camel / Yoga

Sub Sinai Dive Center also offers the trip described above in combination with our yoga teacher Birgit Spohr. During this special trip you will have the possibility to practice Asana (yoga positions) and Pranayama (breathing exercises) in the stillness of the desert. This will enable you to experience the present moment with an enormous intensity.
The yoga classes will take place around sunrise and sunset.



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