Trekking Through The Sinai

SINAI is not only about diving. The spectacular mountains and desert are also a permanent attraction for those who enjoy combining physical excersise with enhanced tranquillity and eye-catching landscapes. SINAI ADVENTURES trekking tours make all of the above possible.

Our experienced guides will take you on a journey of both geographical and self- discovery. See for yourself all the beauty that is hidden in this apparently deserted wilderness.

There are many possibilities for challenging and interesting trekking trips in the Sinai. Here we will list just a few of them and although the details and the maps are accurate and exact, we do NOT advise anyone to proceed into this desert environment without a specially trained and experienced guide. Hiring local guides might seem like an unnecessary expense but it is worth every penny; the Sinai is not a friendly or easy terrain to negotiate for amateur trekkers, so never think it will be worth your while to forgo a qualified escort. Local guides and Bedouin know the desert better than anyone and they can spot and point out instinctively things that a novice eye will never notice, like snake trails and hidden water sources. They know what treasures the desert can hold so let them initiate you in the wonders of the wilderness. 




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