Ras Mohamed National Park

Ras Mohamed, which sits at the southernmost tip of the Sinai peninsular is well known to all divers and has a well-deserved reputation as one of the 10 best dive spots worldwide. The most famous reefs, Shark and Jolanda Reef, lie on the west side of this small stretch of land reaching out into the deep blue waters and offer EVERYTHING that a diving enthusiast would expect and wish for!

Since 1989 the whole area has become a National Park with strict rules to preserve this little piece of paradise: no fishing, no anchoring, no shell or coral collecting.


As a part of the African Trench the depth of the Ras Mohamed reefs reaches 800 metres. Strong currents flow from the Gulf of Aqaba towards the open sea and generate incredible underwater marine life activity: big sharks, barracudas, snappers, napoleons, massive moray eels and all different kinds of reef fish find the perfect environment here.

Shark and Jolanda Reef are divided by a large lagoon and there is a saddle in between the two reefs.

The eastern SHARK REEF offers sheer drop offs and two major currents you should follow. Depending on air supply you either plan your dive around Shark Reef and come back via the saddle into the lagoon or you may carry on to Jolanda Reef. During the dive you will be accompanied by big resident napoleons and in the canal between the two reefs you'll encounter large schools of snappers. The strong currents guarantee a constant exchange of plankton and microscopic small animals which makes Ras Mohamed the perfect place for shark encounters.

Ras Mohamed The route around JOLANDA REEF is not as deep and the wall is not as steep. The spot got its name from a freighter which sunk due to heavy storms in 1981. The wreck itself lies at about 200 metres, however some remains like masts, toilet seats and sinks can be found at around 12 metres. Covered in soft corals they are now part of the reef and provide a home to a huge variety of under water species. The eastern edge of Jolanda Reef features an incredible amount of soft and hard corals with Gorgonias forming underwater forests.

100 metres north-east of Shark Reef is ANEMONE CITY; at a depth of 16 to 20 metres this site offers a plateau covered with anemones and boasts an unbelievably high number of anemone fish and domino fish. The density of fish at this site, an area of less than 100 metres, does not exist anywhere else on this planet and presents a biological enigma which is constantly being researched by marine biologists.