Meet the Team at Sub Sinai!

Khaled Amin

I am originally from Cairo but came to Sinai some 15 years ago in order to escape the noise and crowds of the city.  As my profession as an optician didn't seem adventurous enough I got involved in trekking and climbing and worked for several years with a travel agency organizing Safari and Trekking tours in South Sinai and the Western Desert. After I became a PADI Assistant/Instructor in 1993 and gained a good amount of diving and guiding experience, I decided to open up my own Safari/Trekking/Dive Center.
SINAI ADVENTURES and SUB SINAI was "born" in 1998 and since then all my effort goes, next to my family, into our business. I am mainly responsible for the overall organization within the company, the marketing side of life, all technical matters and of course my great passion, the desert and the mountains!


Donna joined the team in August 2004. She is best known for her work as a safari / trekking guide. In Dahab since 2002, she knows the local Bedouin community inside out and has a wealth of experience in introducing her guests to the desert and mountain areas of Sinai. In addition to her previous experience in this field, she has been guiding tours for SINAI ADVENTURES since the autumn of 2004 and her guests always return to Dahab having gained considerable insight into the culture and the traditions of their Bedouin hosts. Her easy rapport both with visitors and Bedouin makes her tours memorable experiences which are not easily forgotten!

When she is not leading treks, Donna is also responsible for handling the reservations and booking enquiries received. Her mother tongue is English but she is also fluent in German and French and has an excellent command of Bedouin Arabic. Her knowledge of these various languages stands her in good stead both in the desert and the office! When not occupied with trips or the computer, Donna is most likely to be found in the sea. She is a keen swimmer and likes to jump in daily, even when the water temperature drops to a fresh 19 degrees!

Ahmed Hafez

Licentiate in Arts (Ancient Egyptian Archeology Department)
Ahmed Hafez has been with Sub Sinai since the very beginning. Trained by Gabi he has all the best qualities that make an inspirational teacher. He is an extremely thorough diving instructor and has literally hundreds of certifications to his credit. He has many years experience as a diving professional and his knowledge regarding diving techniques and the diving sites in South Sinai is unsurpassable. Ahmed is famous for his unlimited patience and easy-going nature; he can calm the fears of even the most nervous of novice divers, turning them into confident, capable and responsible scuba enthusiasts. Many of his PADI Open Water students return to Sub Sinai and Ahmed to further their diving qualifications because he is such a popular individual and such an approachable professional. We think we are lucky to have him on our team and the many students who return and request him as their instructor and guide obviously agree. He speaks Arabic and very good Engliattitude and his genuine love of their culture. He speaks Arabic and very good English.

Anne Witwer

Anne WitwerAnne first arrived in Dahab, from her native Switzerland, in 2006, planning to stay for long enough to do her PADI Divemaster course and then move on. Like so many others before her, her plans changed and she is still here! In the meantime she has qualified as a PADI Instructor and now has an impressive roll call of successful students to her credit. Anne also guides recreational dive packages and takes great pleasure in introducing all those who dive with her to the stunning underwater world of the Red Sea. Anne also has other strings to her bow! She has a keen interest in the desert and helps out the desert crew with the increasing volume of safari / trekking tours. This is proving extremely useful for Sub Sinai's new diving itineraries, which combine both diving and desert.
Her cheerful nature and professional attitude to her responsibilities make her an extremely popular addition to the team. She works in German and English and also has a good command of Arabic.

Hamid Abu Awad

HamidWe like to provide the highest and best standards of service for our guests in all areas of our activities. So when it comes to transportation matters, likewise we seek out the best. Hamid Abu Awad is a local Dahab Bedouin of the Muzeina tribe, who organizes all Sub Sinai's airport transfers, in addition to sightseeing excursions and some safari-related work. Having grown up in Dahab, he is well-acquainted with all the local Bedouin minibus and taxi drivers and is in a good position to select the most professional and reliable among them to be assigned to Sub Sinai trips. Hamid is usually so busy with the organizational aspect of his work, that he doesn't get to drive so much himself these days. However, those guests lucky enough to be driven by him do not forget his courteous and friendly manner; he is a real gentleman!
When he manages to take some time off, Hamid likes to escape to the sea and spend a few days fishing off the South Sinai coast.

Abu Radi

Abu RadiAbu Radi is a local Muzeina Bedouin; he is one of Khaled's main partners in the desert. It is in collaboration with Abu Radi that some of our most adventurous expedition routes have been devised. Infact, his contribution cannot be underestimated, as customizing itineraries to the specific requirements of guests is one of Sub Sinai's areas of specialization. Abu Radi himself is a perfect example of the traditional Bedouin; nothing is too much trouble when it comes to making guests and visitors feel at home. Those lucky enough to have met him have experienced at first hand the world famous Bedouin hospitality. And he seems to have passed on this good example to the younger members of his family as well; his sons and nephews frequently work with us as guides and camel drivers.
Abu Radi likes to feel at home when he is on safari. He always packs his water pipe in his camel bag and likes nothing better than to enjoy a smoke of his shisha once camp has been set up!