Guided Snorkelling

SnorkelerSnorkelling is a great way of experiencing the stunning underwater world of the Red Sea. Not everyone has to, or can be a diver, this is why Sub Sinai offers separate programs for snorkelers of every age.
We offer guided snorkelling trips with a PADI divemaster. You will have a thorough briefing and if you would like, your snorkelling guide can also give you some advice about snorkelling or even skin diving techniques. As the guide is familiar with the local underwater world you will be able to see all the points of interest at the snorkelling sites, and you can use him / her as a swimming fish-identification book!
The first day we will take you to one of the beautiful sites in Wadi Gnai, to the south of Dahab. Here you can enjoy a full day. Using as your base a cosy Bedouin Restaurant directly by the sea, you can get in and out of the water as much as you like. During your snorkelling breaks you can sunbathe, chill out in a hammock, read a book or stroll around the shoreline and take photos of the picturesque surroundings.
Once you are familiar with your snorkelling gear, you can choose to go on a Coral and Camel overnight snorkelling trip with our experienced guides. We start the trip in the early morning; a jeep will take you southwards as far as it is possible to travel by car. Once you have reached this point, your camels and our Bedouin guides will be waiting for you to start your “one-of-a-kind” Dahab adventure. All the equipment and food will be loaded on the camels. Then you will go for a ride along the stunning Sinai coastline, where the mountains meet the sky and the sea.
After your arrival at a stunning location ( known only to Sub Sinai! ), our divemaster will enter the water with you at one of the safe entry points and guide you through a breathtaking site, introducing you to the amazing biodiversity of the Red Sea. In the meantime the Bedouin will be setting up the camp for your overnight stay and preparing some delicious food on a campfire. You can spend the day exploring the surroundings or enjoying the silence and beauty of the underwater world and the desert. You might even build up a friendship with your camel!
Small FishYou can also enter the water here as often as you like, but please save some of your energy, as our divemaster will take the bravest of you for a nocturnal snorkelling experience you will never forget. All the marine creatures which only come at night will leave their hiding places and the reef will be a completely different place once the sun has set.
After a lovely dinner by the campfire you will spend the night in the silent desert under a starry sky. Depending on the time of year, you may well see shooting stars and you will always be lulled to sleep only by the sound of the waves.
Next morning before or after breakfast, you can refresh yourself with some snorkelling and greet the fish. After a great day spent enjoying yourself in the sun, desert and the Red Sea, all the equipment will be loaded on the camels again and you will ride back to the jeep. Before sunset you will be back in Dahab, but the memory of the last two days will remain for a lifetime.
In the following few days, Sub Sinai will take you to various snorkelling sites around Dahab, such as the Blue Hole, Islands, Eel Garden and Canyon, depending of course on the weather conditions.

Also on request: Coral & Camel / Yoga

Sub Sinai also offers the trip described above in combination with our yoga teacher Birgit Spohr. During this special trip you will have the possibility to practice Asana (yoga positions) and Pranayama (breathing exercises) in the stillness of the desert. This will enable you to experience the present moment with an enormous intensity.
The yoga classes will take place around sunrise and sunset.