Yoga in Dahab – Sinai

Yoga in Dahab - Sinai Sub Sinai Adventures has 20 years of experience with safaris in Sinai and now offers Yoga Holiday Programs with yoga teacher Birgit Spohr.

The stillness of the desert and the sounds of the sea provide a surrounding that perfectly suits the purpose of yoga. It supports you to leave the stress and noise we usually suffer from in the western societies, behind and experience the present moment intensely.

Sub Sinai Adventures organizes Yoga Holidays in and around Dahab, as well as desert safaris in combination with intensive yoga practice, sea, sun, mountains and the desert with two classes a day for 3-5 days.

We offer a combination of Yoga and Diving, which goes together really well as special Yoga breathing techniques, visualization and meditation can help you to relax and slow down your breathing rate. We also organize special Yoga experiences such as Yoga Desert Retreats where hiking in the mountains is complemented with intensive yoga practice, or Yoga, Coral & Camel, which combines diving and desert with Yoga.

Birgit also offers Private Classes in Asana (body postures) and Pranayama (breathing exercises) for all levels, tailored to your individual needs and personal focus. The classes are conducted on request.

What can you achieve through Yoga?

Regular yoga practice creates a strong, flexible body and calms your mind. Yoga works on a holistic level and also inner organs and glands are “massaged” and blood circulation improves, which helps the body to strengthen the immune system and “detox”.

Yoga in Dahab - Sinai

While practicing Asana we concentrate on the body position, synchronize them with our breath and focus on a point of concentration, so that body, breath and mind are working together as one harmonious union. With Pranayama (breathing exercises) we learn to control our breath. The various exercises clean the body and calm the mind. Breathing exercises help train the lungs, increase their volumes and make them work more effectively. Meditation brings us closer to our self. We learn to listen to the inner voice; we find answers, peace and harmony. We hold still and discover a whole world new.

5 days Yoga Holiday in & around Dahab

on request - min. 4 participants

Experience the tranquil atmosphere of Dahab in combination with intense yoga practice.

This program includes ten yoga sessions in five days, which will be held in a nice yoga room in Dahab, as well as in the beautiful surroundings of the desert or directly by the sea, and is open to practitioners of all levels.

Yoga in Dahab - Sinai

You will start your day with 1.5 hours of Asana (body position) practice every morning. During the day you have time to participate in loads of different activities, i.e. snorkeling, diving, surfing, horse back riding, quad biking etc. Sub Sinai happily arranges anything of interest for you, or you can just enjoy the relaxed mood of Dahab life. In the late afternoon you will meet your yoga teacher again for a 2 hour practice of Pranayama (breathing exercises), Meditation and a short yoga-related lecture.

3 day Yoga Desert Safari

5 x a year (March-May and October-November)- min. 4 participants
Next 5 day yoga holiday with 3 days yoga desert safari will be conducted 09.- 13. April 2012 !!!!

Experience the combination of yoga and the silence of the Sinai desert, that surely supports the benefits that yoga practice provides. In the silence of the desert it is much easier to find concentration and get in touch with your inner self. Yoga completes this picture with the practice that prepares one for deep meditation. The atmosphere, silence and magic of the Sinai desert support the practice of Yoga in every way. In the mountains, your ears will only listen to the sounds of nature and your breath. Your body tunes to nature’s cycle, sunrise brings the soft rays to warmth and wakes you up, while the star studded sky engulfs you with its beauty and leaves you with unforgettable image.

Join us on a unique 3 day safari and feel the calming and stimulating effect of the yoga- desert combination. This program includes six yoga sessions, the first and the last session will be held in or around Dahab and four sessions will take place in the desert. We start our days with sunrise Asana (body position) classes and end them with sunset Pranayama (breathing exercises), Meditation and short yoga- related lectures.

This program can also be booked as a 5 day Yoga Holiday Retreat, with the first and last day yoga practice in and around Dahab.

Yoga in Dahab - Sinai

Coral & Camel Program with yoga

all year - minimum 4 participants

Join us on this one- of- a- kind adventure& experience the present moment with enormous intensity!

Escape the crowds, explore remote and pristine dive sites and practice yoga in the beginning and end of each day. This program includes a 3 day camel safari with six dives and six yoga sessions;

Asana (body position) practice in the morning and breathing exercises and meditation at sunset time.

Feel the effect of the combination of desert, diving and yoga. The silence of the desert with only the sound of the waves will induce calmness; and maybe you can even improve your air consumption to enjoy these very special dive sites, Sub Sinai will take you to, a little bit longer.

3 days diving package and 3 day Yoga

all year- min. 2 participants

Enjoy the full benefit of your holiday in Dahab to broaden your awareness!

Yoga in Dahab - Sinai

Learn about the stunning marine life of the Red Sea while diving for 3 days with our experienced dive guide (a swimming fish identification book J), followed by 3 days of intense yoga practice either in and around Dahab, or on a desert safari. This program includes 6 local guided dives and 6 yoga sessions, 3 of those Asana (body position) classes and 3 Pranayama (breathing exercise) and Meditation classes. For those who would like to improve their air consumption and like to make breathing more efficient during scuba diving or looking for better relaxation under water. The combination of Yoga and diving go together really well as special Yoga breathing techniques, visualization and meditation can help you to relax and slow down your breathing rate.

2 days PADI Scuba Diver, 3 days Yoga, 1 day guided dives

all year- min. 2 participants

Make the most of your annual holidays!

Achieve the PADI Scuba Diver certification, feel the benefits of intense yoga practice for body & mind, and see its effects on your diving skills. This program includes the PADI Scuba Diver Course, 6 yoga sessions, 3 of those Asana (body position) and 3 Pranayama (breathing exercise) and Meditation classes.

We also offer packages in combination with airport transfers and accommodation. For prices and details on the various yoga programs and packages please contact us via

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